Tourney, Stella, Clap, Maher

So my alma went down to Villanova on Friday night. The overtime slide was a bit tough to bear (crap calls didn't help), but watching George Mason down UConn today made up for it. An 11 seed taking down Jim Calhoun's cocky #1 bastards in OT was what college basketball is all about. Ever since the great talents began jumping ship early to the pros, my interest in college hoops has nearly evaporated. The days of Milt Wagner, Hank Gathers, Walter Berry, Fennis Dembo, Derrick Chevious, Dallas Comegys and other former college greats were truly exciting times. George Mason's win today brought back a bit of that spirit.

I spent close to four hours yesterday at the SF SPCA with my buddy Joyce. I hung out with a number of dogs, but it was a pit bull mix named Stella who could end up sharing this studio apartment with my cds and myself. Man are those good folks at the SPCA - they genuinely care about finding the right homes for these animals. I need to sort out some details, but Stella (to be named Janey if she heads to Clay Street) may have found a home.

Without hearing a note prior, I headed out with my music-freak buddy Joel (see Joel, the Lips ticket has garnered you the new title) to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at the Great American last night. Maybe I was still coming down from SXSW but I found them to be just ok. They do what they do well, but it just wasn't that inspiring. Given that they put out the record on their own and are now a known national act is a great story, but when I headed to the merch table mid-set, I ended up walking away without the record. I'll need to listen again.

I used to be a Bill Maher enthusiast. Though I still appreciate his passion, this season has been mired in Bill Maher arrogance. This morning, after missing Meet The Press, I was in need of some political shop-talk. I flipped on HBO and caught the last 15 minutes of Real Time. Maher's closing segment on the environment was evidence that Maher's still got it. Once labeled a leftist bs cause (and still labeled so by Bush's assholes), the environment is finally getting the attention that is critical to salvaging this planet for future generations (I realize that sounds extreme, but folks, it's true). If you get the chance, tune in to Maher's closing segment on this weeks episode. It sure made me think. Hopefully a few of the suits in DC will, well, follow suit.