Strolling To Amoeba

Man do I love Sundays in San Francisco. Today my buddy from the South Bay headed up to the city to hang for a few hours. We started off by grabbing some tasty lunch in the Haight and then, of course, made our way over to Amoeba Records. As we walked in, as always happens when I'm at Amoeba with someone, we separated and sought out some goods. I picked up the new Loose Fur, Alejandro Escovedo's "Gravity", The Constantines' "Tournament of Hearts" and the Townes Van Zandt documentary. She got a few cds and a vhs (so classic, still buying VHS).

We then went to a classic bar down the street and had a few pints. As I was driving her back to her car she turned and said, "I really had a great time today". Damn if that what it ain't all about. Hanging out with a friend I hadn't seen in some time, having a nice lunch, buying some music, having a few beers and catching up.

I will now sit down and watch the Townes DVD. Life is good.