Thank You Friends

This past week in New York was one of the most fulfilling weeks I've spent in years. I saw so many people that mean the world to me and it was truly a remarkable week. I know I'm the master of hyperbole on so many levels, but spending time with so many great folks this past week was truly, I'm gonna say it, heartwarming. I split the week three ways between New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn. I saw friends spanning many different periods of my life; Some I've known for 25 years, some I've known since college and others crept into my life post-college. On many nights last week friends from each of these periods all came together to have a good time. We ate, we drank, we talked music, we watched the pinstripes in the Bronx, we debated, we laughed our damn asses off.

I'm now back in San Francisco and for the first time since moving out here, I can truly say that I miss my former life in New York. These people and the city itself left such an impression on me and it finally hit me this past week.

DB, Clark, Doc, Shaw, Waldman, Martha, Grabel, Bobby, Negri, Lip, Kurt, Mom, Andy, Lindz, Kita, TB, Flush, Digs and all the rest: I thank you all for an amazing and memorable week.