Atlantic & Bond

That's where I'm typing from right now: beautiful Brooklyn, New York. The weather right now is absolutely crisp and sweet. I spent the entire week in Manhattan and boy am I glad to be back to my former home.

Some thoughts on New York: 1. Running through Central Park yesterday was downright incredible. The people. The scenery. The spirit. 2. I've had the opportunity to catch up with just about everyone I've wanted to see. Tonight I will hit my favorite restaurant in New York, Bar Tabac, and enjoy a nice steak, some fantastic wine and great conversation with a group of friends. 3. The congestion from Times Square up to Central Park is unreal. I worked in that part of town for nearly seven years and it was never like it is today. The frustration from getting from one block to the next had me on the brink of an anxiety attack. 4. Boy do I love record label folks in New York. They know music. They give you music. They are what's good about music. 5. Brooklyn Lager - my favorite beer once again available for me to guzzle. 6. The breeze streaming through the window right now is worthy of a poem or a short story or I don't know, something related to art or some shit. 7. Brooklyn's still got my heart. I love San Francisco but boy do I really miss this wonderful town. It's 230 in the afternoon and I just realized that my favorite bar on earth, The Brooklyn Inn, is but two blocks away. Ok, it's a bit early for that.

Two more days and nights in Brooklyn, New York before heading back to the Bay Area. Tonight is a great dinner followed by drinks and some good jukebox tunes, tomorrow is Yankees/Orioles followed by another dinner on the Upper East Side. Sunday morning I will hail a cab to JFK and bid farewell....that is, until next time.