Heading Home

Tomorrow morning I head back to NJ/NY for the first time in almost six months. Over the course of the past 16 or so months, I've made a lot of great friends out here in the Bay Area, but I can't recall ever being away from my family and lifelong friends for this long. Most of the week will be spent at meetings and keeping up the pace with the job during the day; however, I've done everything possible to find time to meet up with just about everyone I miss for at least a little while (and those that I haven't connected with yet, please keep your phones on).

I'll spend a few nights in the house in which I was raised out in Northern New Jersey. I'll catch up with my mom, sister and stepfather. It's been way too long. Then I'll head into Manhattan for meetings all week, but each night, I hope to see the friends I grew up with, those I went to college with, many that became some of my closest friends while living in New York, others I worked with and a few of my homes away from home (The Brooklyn Inn and Yankee Stadium, to name a few).

It's a bit of a weird feeling heading back to the East Coast this time around. Why? Because I can actually say that San Francisco now feels like home. And by "home", I mean my new home. New York will always remain my true home. It's where I developed some of the greatest, most lasting relationships of my life. It's where I witnessed many of my good friends get married. It's where I witnessed the Yankees win the 1996 World Series from left field. It's where I saw hundreds and hundreds of bands at their peaks. It's where I've had many of the greatest times of my life. From New Jersey to Brooklyn and into Manhattan, the East Coast will always remain my true home. And tomorrow I get to walk back into that life for a week.