W and Religion

All of us on the left simply throw blame at George W. and his psychotic and fundamental freaks on the right. Is that justified? You bet your ass. What Bush is doing to this country and the world is simply unforgiveable. The president's always talking about God and his Creator and how he is guided by his faith. I haven't read the bible in many years, but I don't recall reading anything about helping the rich while screwing the poor, the thirst for war, abandoning your citizens when they're in need, intolerance of others, and so on. I don't know what book W. is reading from, but it sure isn't the Bible. His actions 100% oppose the teachings and ethics of what is preached in the bible.

I am so sick of this president using and manipulating religion. It is absolutely disgusting and deplorable. I went to a Jesuit university and NOTHING that the president's doing on a daily basis was taught during my three years there. We were taught understanding, equality, selflessness, altruism, modesty and acceptance, among many other things. George W. preaches none of these. None. I'm tired of feeling that we can't speak up against this asshole, simply because he's hijacked the Christian right. Ya know what folks, the brainwashed dolts who believe that Bush is a spiritual and ethical person, are in the same camp as the morons who follow Islamic extremists. George W. Bush IS an extremist. A MAJOR extremist.

And if/when the 43rd president does one day face his "Creator", he will be judged on all that he's done while on Earth. And people, I can't imagine that's going to be a pretty report card.