A Real San Francisco Weekend

I'd have to say that this past weekend was the most satisfying weekends I've had in this fine city. One of my closest friends from NYC arrived on Thursday night. We made pretty much no plans and figured we'd just do whatever comes to mind.

Friday: Outstanding mexican food in Noe Valley followed by a trip to see an MIA-imitation hailing from Japan named Tigarah. She was ok, but left a lot to be desired. Another friend met up and she was in quite the jovial mood, somewhat surprising given that by the time she landed at the bar we were about 48 drinks in. We all ended up going back to my apartment, drank a bottle of wine (ok, I drank a bottle of wine) and listened to T. Rex, The Replacements, Centro-matic and other great shit until about 4am.

Saturday: Late start. A great breakfast. A trip down to the Embarcadero to catch "An Inconvenient Truth". Although Al Gore remains one of the my present-day heroes and his environmental ambitions are extremely inspirational to moi, the movie left a bit to be desired. A good movie, no question, but it could've been more powerful. Then some great Chinese food. Then Vesuvio for a few beers. Then sleep.

Sunday: Another great breakfast. Trip to the airport to drop off NYC. Then I sat in the park in the blazing sun and read a book. I ended up down at the Ferry Building and had one of those moments. The moments that are fleeting. One of those moments when something grabs you. I think it was the wind, the sky, the spirit and just a moment of perfection. It was while I was walking back to my car. Everything washed away. It was the first time in years that I'd experienced this feeling. The last time was on a beach in Ponte Vedra, Florida a few years back. I stopped. I took a breath. I looked up to the sky. I walked slowly and that feeling drifted off. It was there and it was gone.