John Edwards & Joe Biden

With Al Gore seemingly out of this presidential race, after watching numerous debates and following the democratic field for some time now, I will now only be pleased if either John Edwards or Joseph Biden win the nomination and land in the White House. Both are longshots at this point, with Biden's chances being extremely slim at best, however, these are the only candidates that I have faith in.

I watched Hillary and Barack last night and TRIED to believe in one of them, but they virtually did nothing for me. Once Hillary voted in favor of the Iran resolution, and then waffled endlessly about immigration last night, I've completely lost faith in her. Obama? There are things I like about him, but he's WAY too unseasoned. Most of his answers seem overly rehearsed, and when caught off-guard, he seems to just jump around in hopes of landing on a position. All told, I don't really understand the Obama hype. He hasn't impressed me at all.

Anyone who knows me knows quite well how disgusted I am with the state of American politics. Many agree that the current administration will likely go down as the worst administration in US history (you're soon to be off the hook James Buchanan), but I'm amazed at how little is being offered in 2008. At such a critical time in the history of America and the World, the best the democrats can offer is Hillary Clinton? I loved Bill, but Hillary? I may side with her on some issues, but she's a pandering politician just like many of the buffons running on the other side.

Will this country take a CLOSE LOOK at these candidates and not just jump on the Obama or Clinton bandwagon. John Edwards and Joe Biden are the only answers. These guys aren't perfect, but for the most part they stand up for what they believe in. They speak openly and take risks. Up until recently, I was firmly set on John Edwards, but I think I'm starting to lead towards Biden.

Given a potential job change in the near future, I've had to think about places outside of SF that I'd consider living. And ya know what, there's only one answer that I've come up with: Outside of the United States. If Rudy or Mitt land on Penn Ave., I really think that I'm gone. If It's Hillary, I may take the same road.

I'm tired. I'm tired of it all. I'm sick of insurance companies. I'm disgusted by corporate greed. Fear tactics make me want to vomit. Discrimination makes me embarassed to be an American. The thirst for blood in the souls of the current administration makes me angry beyond words.

We need more. I barely recognize this country anymore. And if things don't change, I may not have to.