"Tell Me You Love Me"

HBO remains the sole reason why I won't cancel cable. Ok, and maybe Animal Planet.

I watched the first episode of "Tell Me You Love Me" about a month ago and found that the gratuitous sex scenes were a bit absurd. I liked the character development, but the over-the-top sex scenes seemed to be a cheap way try and lure in viewers. About a week later, I decided to give it one more shot. And now I'm hooked. I just finished watching episode 9 and I can barely wait for the season finale. This is the best show about the highs lows and in-betweens of relationships that I've seen in ages.

As anyone who knows me knows, I am sucker for media with character development. Whether it be the writing of Paul Auster or Haruki Murakami, films such as "Ordinary People" or "You Can Count On Me, or the lyrics of Jeff Tweedy or Bruce Springsteen, I am always roped in by art that involves deep character analysis and development. "Tell Me You Love Me" is probably the best example of this on television right now. As we all know too well, relationships are complex, rewarding, saddening, troubling and a million other adjectives. I've always found human interaction, love, friendship and so forth to be extremely compelling. This show has all of it.

Next week is the final episode of the season. Given that I've heard literally nothing about this show, I can only guess that the ratings aren't great. That said, I truly hope that HBO holds onto this one. There's so much meaning and discovery and it's a show that captures the reality of connections in similar ways as the best art out there.