Roger Clemens and the Political Life

Does it come as any surprise that members of Congress are split across party lines on Clemens vs. McNamee.

The republicans, of course, support Clemens. He fits their mold to a tee. He's the big money guy. He's been one of the most powerful people in sports over the last two-plus decades. He uses intimidation and threats to get his way. And, well, he's just not very smart. His babbling testimony was downright sad for a man of forty-one years old.

The democrats side with the little guy in McNamee. I mean, what incentive would McNamee have to make this up? Clemens was a close friend and his main source of income for years. Add to this the fact that Andy Pettitte, Roger's closest friend, backed McNamee's claims. This is two guys against one, and neither one of the side of truth has anything to gain by making false claims about Roger's steroid use.

I find this one-day waste of taxpayers money (ummmm, why the hell did we have this hearing in the first place?) to be the embodiment of republicans vs. democrats. The former almost always side with the powerful, regardless of ethics (of course, there are exceptions) and the latter look for honesty, regardless of who's in possession of the heavier wallet.

I mean, I really see the divisions between the parties to be almost laughable. Let's look at a few.

-Global Warming is bad for mankind. Republicans fight efforts to legislate stronger emissions standards.
-War kills people. Republicans support waging war, shit, against just about anyone.
-Cutting taxes for the rich at the expense of the poor is unethical. We know where the right-wingers stand on this.
-Separation of church and state is one of the tenets of American society. Not anymore.

I could go on and on. Truth be told, aside from being greedy and/or uneducated (about 75% of the republican electorate), I honestly don't comprehend the lure to the republican party. I just don't.