"Deep Water"

It has been years since I've seen a film this good. Best Picture nods such as "Juno" and "There Will Be Blood" do not hold a candle to this fantastic documentary from 2006.

This thrilling film about Donald Crowhurst's 1969 attempt to sail around the world and save his family by claiming a 5,000 pound prize, may be the best documentary I have ever seen. No, this isn't your story about a thrill-seeking sailor. This film is about the human condition. We see Crowhurst faced with decisions that are all or nothing in almost every respect. Whether it be the livelihood of his family or his reputation throughout society, Crowhurst is repeatedly put to the test.

With Britain and the rest of the world watching, Crowhurst has to make a final decision, one that will leave his country, family and his legacy hanging in the balance.

This movie checks in at 92 minutes and nearly every second of the film is captivating.