Record collector enthusiasts usually have a few records that take years to find, if they're ever found. I've had a few that have now been running on about five years. The longest search has been for The Jayhawks' "Bunkhouse". This is The Jayhawks' first record, a record that probably didn't surpass 1,000 in the number of copies pressed. In the past 15 or so years, I've heard of ONE person finding this record. I'm still searching.

The second record that I've been seeking out is the Scud Mountain Boys' "Massachusetts". There's just something about this record that has vinyl written all over it. I know *two* people who cite this as their favorite record of all-time. It's a record that needs to be played on a turntable. I've now come up empty probably about 200 times.

I recently saw the record on Ebay but couldn't allow myself to throw down $80 or so. I guess I wanted to continue on the search. I couldn't add this to my collection by outbidding someone. I needed to get it the old-fashioned way.

Well, tonight it arrived. No, I wasn't scouring the bins at Amoeba. I was simply sitting at home waiting for my girlfriend to come over and celebrate Valentine's Day. I went the traditional route and gave her flowers and candy. Given her love for flowers, it actually didn't feel like the "easy way out". Nevertheless, she went far and beyond. Yes, she found "Massachusetts", and it now sits between Scritti Politti and Sebadoh on my shelf. Pure beauty.

One down, many to go....


Anonymous said...

i'm glad to know the record is in such good company on the shelf!