The Neverending Race

I never expected to completely burn out on this election, let alone in early August. But the time has come: I have completely run out of gas. I turn on Olbermann, Anderson News Network, Meet the Press or even PBS, and I simply can't stomach it anymore.

Honestly, what's left? Have the candidates, especially on the democratic side, not been vetted enough? Are we really now left with three months of multi-million-dollar attack ads from the hillbilly right? Based on the latest Paris/Britney garbage, it certain appears so.

I remember the anticipation of going to see John Edwards speak in San Francisco. That 20-minute event literally seems like eight years ago, despite being only about eight months ago. But man, enough is enough. The Barack/Hillary marathon exhausted not only their respective supporters, but just about the entire country, regardless of party or interest-level.

And now we're plodding through McCain vs. Obama. And anyone on this planet who truly believes that McCain is better suited for #44 is absolutely delusional. The only folks who support this guy are either doing so out of utter self-interest (taxes) or lack of education (we will be beatin' them terrorists and gay marriage is bad I tell ya). This has gone on far too long and any forthcoming campaign reform legislation needs to curb the primaries and general in half.

Can we all just close this book and spare us all the garbage over the next three months? Let's let Barack go spend a few months in Germany, while McCain can go hang with the troops on the Iraq/Pakistan "border". And then we can all wake up on November 4th, head to the polls, and watch the American public once again choose the pandering war monger.