Outside Lands Pricing

I should've been skeptical when organizers chose Jack Johnson as the Sunday headliner over Wilco. I mean, whoever made that decision must still be listening to Kansas records. (I admit, I own two Kansas records). But I just took a look at the pricing and I can't claim to have ever seen such absurd numbers.

I will admit that they have put together a pretty solid lineup. Well, they have Radiohead and Wilco. Beck is clearly past his prime and Tom Petty at the age of 96 doesn't do that much for me. A small number of the lesser-known acts excite me, including Drive-By Truckers, Black Mountain, Little Brother, and well, that about wraps it.

I was considering heading out Sunday simply to see the DBT's and Wilco, but after looking at the total cost, I simply can't justify the expense. Don't be fooled by the listed prices, the following is what you're looking at for just one ticket:

One Day: $109.90
Three Day: $273.90

These numbers are almost comical. Despite the knowledge that the DBTs, Wilco and Radiohead will be performing a few blocks from my home, I'll be sitting in my living room chair listening to records and flossing.


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