Wilco Joins Neil Young For Bridge School

Too bad the rest of the lineup is terrible:

Bridge School Benefit
Shoreline Ampitheatre
Mountain View, CA
Oct 25/26

Neil Young
Pegi Young
Cat Power
Death Cab for Cutie
Jack Johnson
ZZ Top (Sat only)
Norah Jones
Jack Johnson (Sun only)
Josh Groban (seriously!?!?!?) (Sun only)


leigh said...

Howdy Chris... I've been looking for the Bridge lineup for awhile... Where'd you see it and is this the 'final' version?


Matt Muenzen said...

i thought you liked cat power? i don't, but i thought you did... or maybe that's my brother.

Campbell said...

Jambase announced the lineup...not sure if it's final: http://www.jambase.com/Articles/15109/Bridge-School-Lineup-Announced

And Thurm, Cat Power's alright, but certainly not any incentive to attend. She put out a few good records, but the last few have been quite crappy.

leigh said...

when i saw cat power a few years back in boston, she was quite the head case. But, mostly because of her neurosis, the show was amusing and certainly the most uncomfortable concert-going experience I've ever had. Perhaps she's gotten over her stage fright in the past few years?

leigh said...


Donny said...

ZZ Top rules. Seriously. See them live someday, Kfly.