Benefits of Unemployment

Ok, so the basic benefits such as a bi-weekly paycheck and well, health insurance coverage are gone. And yeah, the bank account's dwindling which is bringing on some mild stress, but boy does this time off educate in more ways than your average 9-6 job. And let me stress that I've been fortunate enough to have some incredibly fulfilling and inspiring jobs; I only highlight that there are areas of personal development that even the best job can't touch.

One of the things I've noticed most is how much I now appreciate things that used to simply be inserted into some part of the day or month. A trip to Golden Gate park has taken on new meaning. A run through the neighborhood is no longer a task, but rather provides some stress relief and enjoyment. Since moving out on my own, I've never once bought a Christmas tree, but despite the wallet constraints, this year we picked one up and man has it provided some warmth. The morning trips to Mike's make my day, every day. Capturing a moment in time via my camera brings great satisfaction. A good movie will leave me thinking. The hours I spend writing, whether on this blog, or on other projects, is not only therapeutic, but seems to be building perspective. Records sound crisper. I appreciate the fact that I have enough money to buy food. I miss my family more than usual. And perhaps most importantly, for the first time since I subscribed three years ago, I'm actually awaiting the day (tomorrow) when my eMusic reloads. I have always been quite good about exhausting my downloads each month, but I've been on such a rapid search for new music, that my account has sat empty for over three weeks. And I now have about ten records saved. Tomorrow morning should be fun. Maybe I'll grab a Christmas record or two.

When you're bound to a day job, a lot of these things are either not noticed or severely taken for granted. The events of each day: e-mails to be answered, meetings to attend, trips to take, calls to make, deadlines to meet, pong tourneys to play and the usual politics of the office to defend or vent about, leave little time to notice the things that truly bring not just enjoyment, but development.

I'm closing in on two months without a full-time job, and just now, things are starting to slightly clear up. I have a number of goals during this time, none of which are financially beneficial, but I'm coming closer-and-closer to focusing more time on these things, and in time, other things that come my way. It remains a bit of a perplexing time, but it's a time that's more enriching than I could have ever imagined.


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