Simon & Garfunkel in Central Park

Tonight I put Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits on the turntable. I don't think I've listened to these harmonies in at least ten years. As much as I appreciate what they did together, as I grew into music, for some reason, I never really returned to these wonderful songs.

But as I sat in my living room and listened to the music in background, a few notes into "Bridge Over Troubled Water", I was thrown back to my living room in Allendale, New Jersey. I vividly recalled watching this concert back in 1981 and feeling the internal power of music. I was seven or eight at the time and consumed with whatever was playing on pop radio. But one night I was flipping through the stations and landed on this concert. And within just a few minutes, it was raining down on me. I don't know if it was a recognition of loneliness through music or just a childlike understanding of something that can't be explained. Whatever it was, just like my father playing Springsteen and Dylan, my mother playing The Everly Brothers and Elvis, this evening over 25 years ago played a key role in opening my soul to this art-form that has gripped me for a lifetime.