Come Monday : Over the Wires

On Monday, I will post my first interview, a feature I've decided to call Over the Wires, since well, it's not an interview in the traditional sense. For now, I'm e-mailing questions to the individual and they just toss them back with their responses. My plan, which I followed on take one, is to send only seven questions, sometimes consistent from person-to-person, but mostly a mixed bag.

I am in no way limiting who I will feature. This site obviously leans heavily on music first and then politics and policy. But I also talk about technology, sports, community, San Francisco, travel, unemployment, the economy, hot tubs and quite a few other things. That said, it's pretty much wide open.

But interview #1 was quite the treat. And I'm listening to his first record as I type this. I hope Over the Wires introduces you to someone and, if we're extremely lucky, enriches some part of your day.