"Street Fight" (2005)

There's obviously reason to believe that this documentary is biased, but that doesn't take away from the power and layers of intrigue from this fantastic film. Street Fight chronicles the 2002 Newark, NJ mayoral race between Newark-staple Sharpe James and the city's newcomer, Cory Booker. This eye-opening documentary exposes the worst in politics, the best in politics and how race, religion, fear, deception, fraud, integrity and an endless array of adjectives play into a heated political campaign.

The man behind the camera is clearly behind the Booker campaign, and without knowing the inside details and reality of the campaign, it's hard to decipher if he takes his allegiance too far. But one thing is certain, some of the tactics and venomous language coming from the James campaign is downright despicable. Booker is certainly portrayed as a bit of a saint, which obviously leaves the viewer questioning things, but what the camera captures can't be disputed, and many of those moments are jaw-dropping.

Again, this isn't a perfect documentary, but it is incredibly important.