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And this one will serve as 1,002. I had no idea that I'd hit the four-figure mark until I landed on some random layout page or something.

I started this blog on November 21, 2005 with a post about the 30th Anniversary re-release of Springsteen's Born To Run. I can't express how satisfying it's been.

Here's post #1:

Born To Run 30th Anniversary
Posted by Campbell in Music

I think it's safe to say that this record changed my life. Sure, people throw such statements out too easily, but for me, I truly believe it's the case. I vividly recall hearing "Backstreets", "Night", "Jungleland" and the five remaining tracks oozing through the walls of my Ramsey, New Jersey bedroom as a child. Although my father's late-parties often left me red-eyed and blue, the wail of "Born To Run" always gave me comfort. Whether it be as guests arrived or as the booze and drugs had fueled the hangers-on at 5am, "Born To Run" often accompanied the madness downstairs.

Now at the age of 32 I find myself working in the music business and fueled not by the booze and drugs but by the music. Springsteen led me to Neil Young which brought me to Uncle Tupelo which guided me to Damien Jurado and Elliott Smith. For over twenty years music has been the cornerstone of my life. And how I got here can be attributed to those late, sweltering nights in Northern New Jersey. In the deep heart of the night, it was "Born To Run" that gave me hope. And nothing's changed.