Bands I Should Like

We've all got 'em. Those bands that given our pompous renderings on music, should fall in line with what we like. For example, I know quite a few people with good taste who detest Springsteen. My contact with these people ends abruptly, but you get the point. Since music, like all art, is subjective, we've all got our hits and misses. On a personal note, whenever I put Joe Henry on the stereo, my girlfriend appears ill within seconds. It's amazing that this hasn't led to our demise. And when she tosses on the Blue Nile, I dive for the klonopin.

The following list of acts are not necessarily bands without merit. Actually, it's quite the opposite as I do respect most. The point is: I either just don't like them or I find them to be very overrated. So here it goes:

The Police
In eighth grade, a friend offered a free ticket to go see The Police up in Syracuse, NY. I still don't regret passing. Anything with Sting involved is utter crap.

Led Zeppelin
I won't claim to hate Zeppelin, but if they come on while I'm in a bar or at a party, I'm headed to the exits before Page's first riff is complete.

Talking Heads
I can't count the number of times I've put a Talking Heads record on the turntable and had it back in its sleeve within five. I also watched a grueling interview with David Byrne once and almost didn't survive. It's time I stop trying with anything Byrne related.

Simply overrated. I don't dislike them, but I've never understood the fuss. "Fake Plastic Trees" is a good song, and Ok Computer was a top record for its year of release, but a good portion of the rest is droning crap. Legends? Seriously? Yeah, and so are the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Sonic Youth
My guess is that a little north of 50% of folks who claim to love Sonic Youth rarely if ever listen to them. I think a few records are ok, but man, most of it is yawn city.

For a guy who had a nice four-year run, his Minneapolis-sized ego seems a bit ridiculous. If there's a more overrated artist in the history of music, I'd like to listen. And don't say Bob Seger, because he's not overrated, and "Night Moves" is classic.

Others receiving votes: Elvis Costello (though I do love This Years Model), Jimi Hendrix, Beastie Boys, Joy Division, Kanye West.

Note: I was going to include Eric Clapton and every single thing he's ever played a part in, but if you read this blog and already don't know that, well....


V-Neck Johnsen said...

Gotta agree w/ the Police. Went to see them a year and a half ago, wish I never did. I can never listen to them again. Zeppelin & Hendrix, I will go long periods of time w/o listening only so I can still appreciate them when I do. And I would still like to see Prince because he always has the sickest drummers. But this is coming from a guy whose last iTunes download was some old ZZ Top, so...

Campbell said...

Have you ever seen Max Weinberg from the E Street Band on the drum kit? He certainly doesn't have the rock n' roll "look", but man is he great to watch. Very underrated.

Didn't Rush have a great drummer? God I hated Rush.

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