Glenn Greenwald on Bill Moyers

In time, I hope that readers will regularly just check the Sunday Papers links to the right, but given the importance of the one I just added, I figured I'd throw in a few brief comments.

Whenever I read anything regarding the unbelievable and almost incomprehensible things that the Bush administration has carried out with respect to torture, I immediately question our entire democracy. As we push our agendas on countries around the World, I'm astounded that this country gave the green light to such abhorrent acts.

The interview on the right starts a bit basic, but gets increasingly interesting. With about six minutes left in the piece, some of the facts shared by Greenwald are gut-wrenching. Perhaps I'm naive, but I did not know that Nancy Pelosi and other democrats gave the ok to torture. It's no wonder they haven't ordered an investigation as such an investigation would likely expose them.

I am solely focusing on torture here, and not the other hundreds of acts Bush and his crooks have undertaken in the name of "freedom". Knowing that this country ok'd such grotesque treatment is enough to question the basic tenets of our democracy. What has happened to us? How did the American public allow this to go on?

Please watch.


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