Springsteen's "Outlaw Pete"

As I mentioned in my review of Springsteen's new record, the lead track, "Outlaw Pete", may be the lowest point in an otherwise phenomenal career. Well, now you have the opportunity to listen to this disaster. The worst part of the song is not the atrocious music, but rather Bruce's singing inflection, which is bordering on absolutely hysterical. While listening, I feel like I'm sitting in a Chuck E Cheese arcade in the late 80s. Oh, and now there's a debate that he's completely ripped off KISS' "I Was Made For Lovin' You". I couldn't care less about this last point, since the song is so ridiculous that added bashing seems unnecessary.

Folks, it's Outlaw Pete. Can ya hear me!!!!


leigh said...

... and it's EIGHT minutes?? youch.