The Gourds' "Haymaker!" - We're Only On Day 17

And I may be ready to name my top album of 2009. Fine, that'd be a little absurd given the almost endless list of great acts releasing new collections this year, but man if The Gourds' Haymaker! isn't a fantastic listen. This marks their tenth full-length in twelve years, and with the exception of maybe two, all of their records are at the very least, strong. And then there are the absolute classics, led by Stadium Blitzer (1998), Dems Good Beeble (1997), Cow, Fish, Fowl or Pig (2002) and Ghosts of Hallelujah (1999).

Haymaker! is still new to these ears, but after a handful of listens, this one appears primed to join the upper-ranks. And as it continues to grow, I wonder if this could be their first record to land atop my year end list. Given their work to date, this highly sought-after prize would be long overdue. Well, I've still got 348 days to decide. Or is this leap year?