AIG et al

Enough is enough. It's time for Barack to stand tall and go hard left. I obviously don't know the ins-and-outs of these bailouts, but it's time to let a number of these corrupt and blood-sucking companies go down. Every single penny handed to AIG should be rescinded and put into the hands of the American people via infrastructure jobs, health care reform and other vehicles to save this country from literally plummeting into an abyss.

We need to see more Bernie Madoff's behind bars. George Bush and his cronies not only let this stuff happen but they fed this beast. And now Barack Obama needs to completely shift this country in a new direction. Forget the silly calls that he's a socialist and whatever the right-wing nutjobs are calling him; this country needs him and it needs him now. Unlike his counterparts, please forget politics for a moment and do what this country needs. He's made strides in many respects; now it's time to let these companies go and to rebuild this country.