Social Networking and Data

I just logged onto my Facebook page and quickly see three ads on the right of my page: 1) Dog Lovers Dream Vacation 2) See Josh Ritter Live and 3) Willie Nelson in Connecticut. Is this targeted advertising effective? Perhaps. But I find it to be very, very unsettling. I want to know where exactly they're retrieving this information. Is it via posts, my statistics, keywords via anywhere on my page? Whatever the case, this just does not sit well with me. I departed MySpace about a year ago when I felt as if they were getting a bit too intrusive, and well, it crashed my computer 103% of the time (and when Rupert took over, I couldn't stomach supporting the site). There are certainly benefits to Facebook, and the fact that they remain (somewhat) independent is a good thing. But this is starting to go over the line.

I suppose it's time to purge. And then maybe it's time to cancel. Oh, I know they've got my information no matter what I do, but at least I can put a halt to what I'm offering up.