Just Some Thoughts

-Unless it's baseball, I really can't watch more than one hour of television per week. I watch "The Office" and "Flight of the Conchords" and really can't take anymore. I used to love tv.

-Why in the world isn't Mad Men, Season 2 on Netflix?

-I'm heading back East on Saturday but haven't really told anyone. It's a bit of a "work" trip and I won't have much time to hang.

-Can this whole Bernie Madoff thing please go away, like maybe now?

-I want to open up Animal Care & Control, Part 2.

-With South By Southwest arriving next week, I'm realizing that I may be a SXSW retiree. I've been seven times (99-01, 05-08) and man it's been a great, great run, but I just don't have Clark stamina. Best shows off the top of my head: Slobberbone, Brakes, Apollo Sunshine, The Drams, Centro-matic.

-Good god I love Sam Cooke.

-I hope to release two of my own works before the year turns to 2010. One I've discussed quite a bit, while the other's in the works.

-Bob Dylan's "Mississippi" is an incredibly underrated song.

-I guess I always kinda feel this way, but especially now: Things are about to happen, kinda big things.

-I can't believe Clark's gift.

-I can't wait to see my sister (and her dog).

-I spend a lot of time talking to my goldfish.

-If you don't own the Joe Henry song "Our Song" you might want to download it right about now.

-Is Al Franken still not the Senator from MN?

Good night.