Stewart & Cramer

If you caught last night's Daily Show and the much anticipated face-to-face between Stewart and CNBC's Jim Cramer, you witnessed journalism at its best. Outside of NPR, the NYT and lesser-known outlets (among the masses), Stewart and the Daily Show did the American public a great service last night. As the economy continues to sink and those on Wall Street pretend to be dumbfounded, Stewart has dug into this mess and begun pulling out the criminals, liars and those who drove our economy into the ground.

Jim Cramer had guts to appear on the Daily Show, but he certainly didn't anticipate Stewart's understanding of the issues and his almost endless evidence to back his claims that Cramer is essentially a lying crook, who played a part in destroying people's financial lives. There were times when I actually felt sorry for Cramer. He's another one of those petulant, greedy and conniving windbags who cover up their deep insecurities via showmanship and cash. They essentially find their way into the club, put on a mask and pray that their true selves are never revealed. But last night he was caught dead in his tracks. He almost appeared on the verge of a complete emotional breakdown. And as I felt rising sympathy for the guy, I considered what he and many others (whose acts have been far more egregious than Cramer) have done to average American people, and I felt pride. Pride in the fact that Jon Stewart brought this to light.