A New San Francisco

Ever since I stopped going to bars and having to suffer being in the presence of hipsters, this city has really grown on me. Now that I only see such tight-jeaned, hoodie-wearing, mustache-growing, awful-shades-sportin' fools on their cool bikes, I've finally been able to see the better sides of this city. Here are some reasons why I've grown to love San Francisco:

DOGS: They are everywhere. You'll find them in parks, walking through coffee shops, tied to trees and at just about every corner of the city.

YAMO: This is my favorite restaurant in the city. Three to four Burmese women run the joint and there's barely enough room for ten people. A fantastic plate will run you $5.25.

COFFEE SHOPS: They're all over the city. Some of them kinda blow, but many are cozy, offer tasty coffee, free wifi and a place to work.

PARKS: Again, everywhere. From Golden Gate Park to the smaller parks around every single block, it's hard to go a few streets without landing in a big square of grass and trees.

RECORD STORES: Amoeba's great, but this city still has a pretty healthy offering of lesser-known record stores. I went to Grooves (is that the name?) the other day and landed great finds by Roy Orbison and Ry Cooder.

THE VIEWS: Just unbelievable. And everywhere. You arrive atop a hilly block and suddenly you're looking out at the entire Bay. You turn a corner and there's a view of the entire city.

THE CURIOSITY: A lot of smart and interesting people live in this city. I thought I'd be turned off by the fact that most are "to the left". Despite standing with them, I like a little balance. But ya know what, I'm so tired of conservatism and the republican party, that this suits me just fine.

HARDLY STRICTLY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL: This is really the only music festival that I can stomach. It's in the park, it's comfortable, the crowds are respectful and the lineups are always solid.

BOOKSTORES: There are still many active in the city, and I've found many-a-treasure.

ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL: I could spend every waking minute here. They take in any animal that needs a home and treat them all with love and care.


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what a lovely photo.