San Francisco Top Ten

Now that I've grown to love this city, especially with all the free time I've had, I suppose it's time to create my top ten favorite spots in the city. In no particular order:

Green Apple Books & Music : I love everything about this place. I always first check out the used store for cheaper fiction, the occasional vinyl find and music books. And they have a massive magazine section. Then I head over to the new books store which is just absurd.

Yamo : For $5.25 you get a wonderful Burmese meal. The place fits about ten people total, and the staff basically just chucks stuff everywhere, but this is one of the city's finest stops.

Duboce Park : I hang here a few times a week. I head over with a book and my iPod and just sack around, rumble with various dogs and waste a few hours.

Amoeba Records : Maybe the greatest place ever constructed by human hands.

Peete's Coffee @ Broderick Street : I stop in here after every run. They have a nice little patio where I listen to tunes, chug some coffee and ponder many things.

Little Star Pizza : It's the only true great pizza I've had in the city and the jukebox is better than any bar in California.

Hanabi Japanese Restaurant : The bill for N and I is usually about $25, which is next to nothing considering I'm fat and we order a lot. Add to this the classic guy behind the bar, the nice staff and some darn fine rolls. We head here about three times a month.

Animal Care & Control : If you're looking for a cat, dog, bird or maybe hen, please stop in here before going to the SPCA (it's right next door). These people do the hard work and they have the animals that are truly in need.

Rooky Ricardo's Records : Best collection of soul music I've ever seen. You can also land great finds in pop, 45s and other throwback nuggets.

Alamo Square Cafe : It isn't Fillmore Grind, but Mohammed and his family have done a great job of fixing this place up. The coffee is good and the food is excellent. And they're just nice folks.