Shed It Like a Change of Season : The Essential Joe Pernice

The Essential Joe Pernice
Cigarette Sandwich
The Pill
Clear Spot
Lift Me Up
Freight of Fire
Number Two
Hundred Dollar Pocket
Waiting for the Universe
In a Ditch
Baby In Two
Flaming Wreck
Monkey Suit
Penthouse in the Woods
Bum Leg

"Crestfallen" would've made the cut, but my version skips, so it got the shaft


gerlad said...

Joe is one of the best lyricists and songwriters we have. Sure would like some new music, but the quality of what is already out there is so good that it can hold me over until then.

Fred said...

I'm shuffling the Pernice Canon because of you.

btw, I would have put "Grudge Fuck" on there.