Thanks FDR

In 1935, Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act. Tossed into that bill were provisions that basically forced the states to pay unemployment compensation under certain conditions. No, I did not know this history offhand, and yes, I pulled it from Wikipedia.

For the first time in my career, I have been a beneficiary of this legislation, and I must say, my standing would've been far more troublesome had it not been for this help. Add to this Obama's stimulus package, which reduced my monthly COBRA payments from about $340 to $125, and well, I suppose I should thank my government for the assists.

On June 1 it looks like I can tip my cap and move on. These seven months have passed by mighty fast and I've certainly grown in many respects. Sure, I wish I did some traveling, but not knowing when I'd land the right job again had me moving about things pretty conservatively.

Not only am I grateful to have had some help during this period of uncertainty, but I feel incredibly lucky to have found not just a job, but one that should prove to be challenging and rewarding.