• This Merge book is thus far the most personally satisfying book I've read in ages. Every story and line has me giddy, and man I hate the word giddy. Reading about the beginnings, Jeff Mangum's love for wiffle ball and Stephin Merritt's crazy thinking is just heaven to me. This is the stuff I live for.
  • Hearing of the demise of Rhino Records is unbelievably sad. Rhino is one of the few major label subsidiaries that still puts out excellent music.
  • It's also tough to read about the continued demise of This has been my favorite digital music site for the past five years and it just appears that CBS was not the right fit. Almost all of the folks who built the company have jumped ship.
  • I really want to see this.
  • This is the first year where I've completely lost interest in football. I'm now a one sport jackass.
  • I have Sundazed on my mind. Oh my, do I.
  • The first two songs on the next Thao record are very great.
  • Tomorrow I head East for a few weeks and then I hope to head to Central America for a bunch of days (leaning towards Guatemala). I would say that my posts will be infrequent, but I highly doubt that will happen.


leigh said...

sad to hear about rhino. as for central america, i have connections in nicaragua - we're buddies with the president of ATRAVES and my husband's on the board of this organization ( ) which sets up whatever you might want - family home-stays, volunteering at a ceramics enclave or impoverished school, and/or language studies. . . i could make a connection for you if you want one there - the social/political history in nicaragua is fascinating and the people/place is amazing. . .