The Nobel Peace Prize

My biggest hope given this morning's news is that this lights a bit of a fire in Barry. He's clearly still getting used to his role, and I hope that his days of walking tentatively, will soon come to a rest. The announcement that he won the Nobel reminded me of the power, joy and hope that his campaign initially elicited. That has clearly evaporated to a large degree over the course of his lackluster first nine months, but this recognition will hopefully remind him why he was elected. He needs to put the town hall freaks behind him, and start moving forward with the utmost conviction. In his acceptance speech this morning, despite appearing almost embarrassed at the honor, you could see a bit of that Obama that so much of the country fell for during the campaign. His mention of Aung San Suu Kyi nearly brought tears to my eyes. And although this speech was focused on world affairs, I seriously hope that this empowerment refuels his efforts back home with respect to health care reform. The majority of your supporters are still pulling for ya Barack, now pull for us.