Tonight at Giants Stadium

Bruce Springsteen plays the last event ever at the stadium. Now one day back in San Francisco, I really can't believe I didn't stay for this. I've mentioned in previous posts that seeing Springsteen at Giants Stadium in 1985 changed my life. I still can't shake that feeling, at age 12, of seeing about 80,000 people singing along to "Sherry Darling." I recall looking at my brother and father and being at a loss for words, again, at the age of 12. And the overriding image I remember is walking through the tunnels heading for the exits and thinking, "I need this in my life for good. Whatever I just felt is something that I'll need again and again." Fortunately, I've had that luxury.

To Doc Hup and DB: Enjoy it tonight.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Doc Hup and I will bombard you with text messages as the show unfolds. You will be there in spirit and Ill make sure to gun some KFC in the parking lot. Especially if its true that Dylan, Jagger, McCartney, and Costello will be on stage tonight. Talk about cannonballs off the upper tier.