Christmas Eve Amoeba Haul

Alejandro Escovedo : A Man Under the Influence, Deluxe Bourbonitis Edition
Barbara Manning : Lately I Keep Scissors
Dutchess/Duke : Sunset/Sunrise
Waylon Jennings : Are You Ready for the Country
George Jones : My Very Special Guests
Arcade Fire : Neon Bible
Bruce Springsteen : Chimes of Freedom
Buck Owens & The Buckaroos : Roll Out the Carpet
Bruce Springsteen : Dream Baby Dream

Gavin Bryars : The Sinking of the Titanic (1969-)
The Cairo Gang / Emmett Kelly


Fred said...

Because no one shops for themselves on Christmas Eve, I'm left to assume that you're sending it my way.

Thank you!

Campbell said...

I did this year. My family's in Baltimore and NJ and I couldn't make it on my own ass. I'll check the mail tomorrow to see if your gift arrived. Did you send UPS or USPS? Maybe Fed Ex?