Big Star

There are times when I listen to this band and seriously think that they are the greatest thing ever to happen in music. This box set Keep an Eye on the Sky is so phenomenal that words just can't do it justice. I know it's a bit pricey, but oh boy, just go out and buy it. Many of the demos of the songs that made it on their records are so raw and full of emotion that it's hard not feel as though you're sitting in on the recording sessions. And although they went on to re-record these tracks, had I been in the room, there would have been a loud, "Perfect! Done! Fucking shit!" coming from my mouth. I mean, how on EARTH were these guys not enormous. Ok, forget enormous, why the hell aren't they talked about in the same breath as say The Kinks, The Who, The Velvet Underground and say, The Clash. I won't lump them in with The Beatles or Stones, simply because they didn't have the output, but Big Star are one of the greatest bands ever.

It's okay to look outside, the day it will abide, and watch the sunrise