The Election of Scott Brown in MA

The democrats still have a 59-41 advantage, something that the previous president was never close to, yet he passed legislation that nearly destroyed civilization so easily you often wondered if there was even a democrat in the entire city of Washington. But this current government, run almost single-handedly by the democratic party, can get almost nothing done, whether it's 60 or 59. As has been the case with the democrats ever since George W. Bush won the presidency in 2000, we simply do not have a democratic party strong enough to drive through its principles, or for that matter, really anything. So instead, the electorate turns to the party that will push through policy change, despite the fact that those policies benefit 0.01% of the population and will lead to the complete destruction of the world before the next season of Mad Men begins.

Now one year into the Obama presidency, can anyone tell me his position on health care? The environment? Alternative energy? The wars? Education (Is Arne Duncan even still around)? Guantanamo? Foreign policy? The economy? McGwire's admission? The latest Springsteen tour? I honestly don't know where this president stands on just about anything. I hear snippets and high-and-mighty promises, but in the end, it all falls flat. And when he does take a solid position, nothing seems to happen. I obviously like his curious mind, but if this year hasn't taught him that reaching consensus is just not possible in Washington, then we're in for an awful three more years. If somehow the law forbidding murder expired and the dems went to renew that, the vote would be 59-41. The republicans are not going to side with him on anything. I mean, they're a party run by Mitch McConnell, that super-tan guy, and Jim (this guy really got elected? Oh right, South Carolina) DeMint!

Yes, Martha Coakley was an awful candidate, someone who I may not have voted for, but Edward Kennedy, perhaps the greatest senator to ever live, was just replaced, in short order, by some dude who apparently drives a truck and once displayed his schlong in a centerfold. I know that's usually standard fare for electing a republican, but this was Massachusetts.

Health insurance stocks are sure to surge tomorrow, now that hopes of health care reform are in question. I mean, what in the world has happened to this country? Not only did the democrats hand us a watered-down joke of a reform bill, but now we vote in individuals who promise to, well, side with big insurance. Wait, then again, we voted in Obama, and he's sided with, ummm, big insurance. You begin to wonder what's left? If the democrats, while controlling everything outside of the selection of the Yanks fifth starter this year, can't get a thing done, seriously, I mean seriously, what's the point in this two party system?

I think the entire democratic party needs to sit down and revisit this video:


Jibreel Riley said...

moonbats will riot in the street, Brookline won't be the same