I've never had much of an issue with Google. They offer up pretty seamless and straightforward tools and are constantly working to "help" us better structure and organize all of our crap. Oh, I know there are privacy concerns, but if you're writing all of the place, posting pictures, commenting on blogs, well, your privacy's already out the door. Don't blame it on Google.

Like most companies that grow and grow and grow, they're finally starting to turn that corner that's just too much. I remember when Starbucks was getting started. The rooms were cozy, the staff kind and the drinks were tasty. I used to stop in often. Aside from a "business" meeting, I can't recall the last time I stepped into one of those stale dumps. Google, since it's online, has an easier time of keeping its omnipresent status behind a curtain. But their true colors are starting to show. Recently they jumped into challenge Apple on the iPhone, and as far as I can tell, it's been a dud. This week they began closing down music bloggers for infringement without any explanation or warning. If Google suddenly stripped my five years of blogging, I would be absolutely furious. And since I'm on blogger, well, they can do it. And now Google Buzz. Do I really, really need more tweets or RTs or whatever the crap it is that I'm flooded with? Oh, I know I don't have to click on the silly little icon, but ya know what Google, I just don't want it on my page. And I just removed it. So there! I am a tough man.

I obviously don't fault Google for adding features and stuff, but the music blogger news is alarming and their efforts to step into just about every area of technology is a bit unnerving. They are becoming the Wal Mart of the online space and this is not a good thing. What's next? Google Coffee. Okay, that "joke" sucked, but seriously Google, slow down a bit. And to everyone who's sending endless updates, go to the park or pick up a book. I know that sounds pretentious. It is.